Doctor Jump
Biographical information
Occupation  ???
Age  ???
First Appears In Michael's Cold Chutney, Warm Stinks, and Hot Mouth When You're Eating Dead Ice Cream

Doctor Jump is a very weird character (and given this series and especially the existence of Older Rosen, that should be saying something).

Known InformationEdit

He lives in the flying Louvre pyramid in the sky, and enjoys shaving the armpits of a nearby giant green spoon-light. He also apparently enjoys chocolate, and he spontaneously changes his clothes and appearance slightly occasionally for no reason.

He has several powers, namely the ability to jump extremely high, yelling "YAHOO!" when doing so (because of course), the power to cause EXPLOSIONS (though his aim is not very good), and the ability to make a train appear from out of nowhere and hit someone when defeated. He has fought against Older Rosen for touching a fryingpan that happened to be on the ceiling of his pyramid home, but Older Rosen of course came out on top (although the latter ability of his came into play at the end of their fight as well).

Appearances Edit